About Us

Everything we do at Bink was started in Wales for the people of Wales by Welsh people. We are immensely proud of our Welsh heritage and want to be the company to bring an easier, more transparent way of providing high quality broadband and landline services.

We have done our research and found that most people really just want the following things:

- Transparent fair pricing which stayed the same
- Not to be tied into a contract or restrictive deal
- The fastest speeds possible for their area

And here we are, doing exactly what we said we would do – offering you the best choice of broadband and phone packages at reasonable prices with no long commitment from you. Our promise to you is:

“With Bink Broadband we guarantee that you will never pay more than any other customer for the same product. No new customer discounts, no special offers, just constant fair pricing forever.”

We will stick to that motto and give you reliability, economical pricing and value your custom always.

Don't "Think" Broadband - "Bink" Broadband